Jim's hand picked design team will handle every detail of your project from beginning to the end. We work closely with you to create an original custom design that reflects your style and personality. We create a design scheme, source products, handle purchasing, and oversee contractors and the installation. Projects can be anything from a spruce up of a room to creating a property from the ground up. This is the perfect solution for the turnkey client.

Want more information? E-mail us at jw@jimweinberglifestyles.com


This is the perfect service for the client who is looking to work with Jim but is not located in the local area. It is a more affordable service which is a great fit for the do-it-yourself person who wants to work with a professional designer on their project at their own pace and doesn’t need full service design.

The E-Design client receives a step-by-step design plan via e-mail.

For more information on our E-Design Service, feel free to E-mail us at jw@jimweinberglifestyles.com


This is a fun two hour session either in house or via Skype. It is a fantastic solution for the client who needs an injection of new ideas and helps them to solve nagging design dilemmas. We will go through all of your design needs, questions and problems, review existing furnishings, improve furniture placement and space usage, select paint colors, discuss new product suggestions and so much more. Make sure to have your note pad ready.


  • "The most friendly advisor and confidant ever. Jim’s taste is pitch-perfect. his ideas always surprise and his outcomes dazzle." – Mike

  • "I was so impressed by his knowledge of design, space and dimensions, fabrics and colors, and his ability to see beauty and style where I saw an old chair or just a large rug. I appreciated his ability to mix upscale, vintage and some budget items." – Seth

  • "I continue to be amazed by the way he uses color, lighting and ability to maximize space. He really focuses on your lifestyle and designs around that .... how you'll be using your home and it's many spaces." – Beth

  • "My husband was extremely happy that they came within budget of the original proposal. We are proud to say that we now have an original "Jim Weinberg Lifestyle" design." – Tracy

  • "Attention to detail and out-of-the-box thinker. Their ideas added immensely to our project which included development of a floor plan for our commercial office expansion and all design features of the office space. The "feel" of the space leaves an marked impression on all that work and visit the space." – Mark

  • "The realm and magnitude of his spectacular creations never cease to amaze me and he is also a joy to work with!" – Suzanne

  • "Personally, I can only say how much fun it has been to work with them in each of these projects, they are such an awesome couple; totally upbeat and have such a positive outlook and energy, theyíre a joy to be around! They work magic and re-create any style of dÈcor you envision for your private and/or public space you won’t be disappointed!" – Selena

  • "Jim and his amazing wife are one incredibly talented design team.   I would certainly hire them to design my house business or hotel. Always professional and caring they go above and beyond to create spaces that will satisfy and amaze!!" – Lewis and Sheron