The last remaining pier from the Cooper River Bridge will soon serve as a tribute to the traditional colors of Charleston’s historic buildings.bridge

Jim Weinberg, who moved to Charleston with his wife Linique in April, has spearheaded the project, which will transform the concrete structure into a palette of 10 colors.

The top will be painted with the word “Charleston,” which only be visible by air. An interior designer by trade, Weinberg donated his design time for the project. The pier is located on East Bay Street, next to the on ramp to the Ravenel Bridge. The previous bridge was torn down a decade ago when the Ravenel opened.


Weinberg has worked on similar projects across the country, volunteering with Keep
America Beautiful.

“Public art’s been a big part of our career,”
he said.


To hear more about the project from Weinberg, watch the video below:



Jim Weinberg, left, discusses plans for the pier painting, with a model of the pier in hand.
  Painters used a lift basket to reach the top of the structure.










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